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Financial budgeting is a game-changer in savings management, and here we are going to list to you the best free budget app.

These apps are new in the market and have some new powerful features you might be missing from the old ones.

Though the old budgeting apps may have been updated with new features, they still contain ads, and chances are those new features are paid features.

However, the free budgeting apps we are going to list here are ads-free and all features are totally free without any in-app purchase.

Why you need a budget

You need budgeting because it allows you to plan your spending and ensures you have enough money to pay for anything you need and helps you clear and stay out of debt.

Budgeting also helps you to maximize your savings and even allows you to Invest.

List Of Best free budget app

below we would be listing the best free budgeting app for your daily, monthly, and yearly budgets.

1. Medean – Budgeting and Personal Finance

Medean is a complete free budgeting and personal finance app developed by Medean Finance. The median budgeting app is a very clean app without any ads or in-app purchases, therefore, it’s completely free with great UX.

With Medean, all your spending is compared with anonymous survey data from people who spend like you.

Also, Medean calculates your credit score based on how much you save and spend each month. And how you manage your spending and dept. You can download Medean

2. Flex Finance: Budget & Expense tracker for business

Next is Flex Finance, flex finance is the best way to manage your company budget and control the spending of your employee.

Flex Finance is best used by businesses and traders. With flex finance, you can monitor real-time insight into how money is leaving your business.

However, Flex finance also uses AI to power its real-time spending, which is the best accurate tracking of all time. Flex is equally free with no ads and in-app purchases. Download Flex.

3. Wallet – Budget & Finance, Income-Expense Manager

Another free budgeting app is Wallet, Wallet has an outstanding feature that you might not find in any other app.

With the Wallet budget and finance management app, you need to carry all your loyalty cards and coupons while going to a store.

The wallet app also allows you to schedule or set up repeated transactions so you don’t have to start all over again with the same transactions. Download Wallet.

4. Wallets by Oleh: expense tracker, money manager

The Idea behind Wallets is to help you keep your personal finance in a separate wallet, what this means is, for instance, you can have a basic wallet for your living expenses, cash savings for your piggy bank, and a wallet for your loan, and so on.

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Again Wallets has a great feature that allows you to transfer money from one wallet to another, this feature helps if you do not have enough on your daily living wallet, you can transfer to it another wallet.

This transfer helps you manage your budgets within and not be able to tamper with any cash which does not belong in your budget. This wallet is completely free, with no ads or in-app purchases. Download Wallets by Oleh.

5. Build A Budget – Personal Finance, Expense Tracker

Build A Budget is a personal financial app that lets you track and cut down your daily spending.

This app is built with artificial intelligence (AI) that tracks all your spending from day 1 and also makes you save like a pro.

With the Build a budget app you can earn close to $20 by sharing and referring a friend. And if you are not familiar with the budget, this app would guide you through the whole setup.

Also, the Build a Budget app is completely free with no ads or in-app purchases. Download Build A Budget App

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